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About the Park
It all started with the amusement park “Shurale” located at the very heart of the city on the riverbank of Kazanka, right across the Kazan Kremlin. Its history began in August, 25th, in the year 2004, with the official opening ceremony when the first President of Tatarstan Mintimer Sharipovich Shaimiev personally planted there a young cedar as a symbol of longevity, power and pure goodness. From that day also began the story of our Ferris wheel – the same Ferris wheel that now offers to visitors a bird-eye view on the city and on the astonishing beauty of Volga River.
Now Kyrlai amusement park owns over 30 attractions and entertainment platforms. There are also two cafes with varied menu. You and your kids can indulge yourself by eating ice-cream, popcorn or the cotton candy, buying the souvenirs and taking pictures in our special photo studios. And our revolutionary easy-to-use admission system (“pay-as-you-go”) allows us to serve large flows of visitors with no queues for the attractions.
Kyrlai is the great place for family vacation, for it is equipped with Italian-made attractions which are dividing park in three equally entertaining zones: the Extreme Zone (also known as Thrill Rides), the Family Zone and the Children Zone (a.k.a. Kids Rides). Those zones are designed specifically to fully satisfy your needs, whatever they may be.
Kids rides are meant to make children happy, therefore no adults allowed. The best thing you can give to your children is the happy moments of childhood, and the best way to do this is to visit some children amusements with them. Here in Kyrlai children can enjoy the ride on the real Fairytale Train called “Old Western”, jump on some colorful trampolines and appreciate the view on the beautiful world around them from the Small Ferris Wheel.
The Family Zone of our park consists of those attractions which can be ridden by the children and adults both. These rides are made for family bonding experience – team up with your family members while riding our wonderful attractions! There are plenty of family rides here such as The Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, the shooting gallery, the Swing Ride and many others.
The Thrill Rides are – well, thrilling, as you can see! They are truly breathtaking and very exciting due to the high speeds of the rotation or swinging. And because of that attractions in the Extreme Zone have some stringent restrictions on the age and the height of the visitors who are allowed to ride them. But we can assure you, it’s totally worth it! Among the most popular Thrill Rides you can find such rides as The Flying Saucer, Five Stars and the Tropicana.
Over the years we’ve had many wonderful special events on the park’s territory: Doppelganger Show, Lyube rock band’s concert, an International Children’s Protection Day Festival, fire show, festival of colors, the First Graders Alley, Birthdays Appreciation Day, Ice-cream Festival, Neptune’s Day, Sabantuy celebration, Volga Region Break-Dance Festival, Merry Makeup Artist Day, The Show of the Giants. There are also often held some dance and fitness marathons, theme parties, festivals and many other events which you may find very interesting to visit.
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