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Grasshopper trampoline
Батут "Кузнечик"
Grasshopper is not just a usual trampoline. The concept of it was inspired by the circus trampolines and the way professional acrobats use them to learn their tricks, with the help of bungee ropes and safety harness. Kids are going to absolutely love it! On this trampoline, they can jump so high that it’s almost like flying – just push off and bounce! Not only it will give them some exciting emotions, but also will improve their coordination.

Grasshopper trampoline is a real treasure for the children and their parents. It can be equally entertaining for the teenagers (whose weight is no more than 60 kg or 143 pounds) as well as for the younger children (who’s more than 3 years old).

170 Р

from 0 cm

from 3 years

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