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The Merry Caterpillar
Веселая гусеница
The roller coaster built to entertain kids and adults both – small-sized “Russian Mountains” for children. A colorful caterpillar train consisting of seven 2-passanger cars rides an elevated railroad track and runs through a figure 8 shaped course. To ride it, you must be at least 3 years old or reach over the height of 120 cm (about 3.9 feet). Children from 3 years old can ride it if only accompanied by adults.

The Merry Caterpillar will ride you through all its exciting sharp curves. Kids love it! And what can be more important to the parents than hearing their children laughing? Moreover, you can ride this attraction by the entire family together – the caterpillar train is surely big enough for all of you!

190 Р

from 120 cm

from 3 years

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