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Super-hero of the Park
As all legends should begin - one wonderful sunny day, in the height of summer, when there is a life in the park, and then here and there you hear cheerful and sonorous children's laugh, sometimes changing into surprised adults "ah-ah-ah" or "u -u-u " sounds because of breathtaking extreme rides ...

... a new resident appeared in the park, which without exaggeration, became its hero
and one of focus immediately!
Days went on, because time flies quietly in summer, and our raccoon grew and found
friends not only among the smallest, but also adults. After all, each of us feels a good
attitude and a positive spirit even from someone who can’t say it by words.
There were more friends every day, but no one knew what the name of the new
character was? Someone called him "little raccoon," someone just "coon" or

That’s why it was decided to call all friends and guests of the park and join forces to
choose a name for the character!
It didn’t have to send heralds to all parts of the world, because today there are social
networks for this.
By the way, if you didn’t have time to make friends with us, it is the time :)
Different names were offered, but still it was decided to call Timerkhan and for friends just Tim.
Timerkhan began to live happily ever after and wealthy. Good, which is not measured by scales and isn’t counted, good in the face of friends among visitors of the park.
Come to the park "Kyrlay" and get acquainted with our super-hero!
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