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Rent a volleyball playground

In one corner of the theme park "Kyrlay" there is an open volleyball court for playing beach volleyball for a big company.

Beach volleyball developed as an independent sport from classical volleyball. Besides the traditional jumping ability for volleyball players, good reaction, strength, sense of the ball, beach volleyball requires greater endurance, as players often have to make jumps and jerks in the game on the sand.

One of special advantages of beach volleyball is that the numbers of the team can be any (in reasonable limits, of course). As in the popular sports format, two on two, and more, and even if the number of people willing to play the game is not divided exactly in half.

In a word, playing beach volleyball on the playground of the "Kyrlay" park is a wonderful way to spend time with fun and a sporting excitement!

In order to rent the playground, first you need to book the desired date and time in advance. Then get together with the team (teams), come to the Park and after a small briefing start sports battles.

Renting a volleyball playground is free!

The minimum number of hours is from 1 hour.

Feel free to call and book by phone: (843) 562-47-62

Or fill in the application form by clicking the button "Rent playground" 

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